Upasana Goenka Kedia

Nature, poetry and music have been constant catalysts in Upasana’s journey as an artist. She follows her instincts and finds inspiration in life and landscapes around her. Over the years she has evolved from being a Figurative artist into an Abstract artist. Her process requires her to work in solitude and she often surrenders herself to the moment. While creating her works she plays music with soulful and often romantic lyrics from Hindi Film soundtracks. The melody and words deeply influence the mood, emotions and rendering. At times she writes Hindi poetry that translates into her artwork. Lyricists such as Shailendra, Sahir Ludhainvi and Gulzar to name a few, are her favourites.

Upasana’s conviction and innate passion has helped her chart her own course in fulfilling the aspiration of making it her profession. It is noteworthy that she was successful in achieving this goal even though she grew up in an academic environment that was neither conscious nor conducive to recognizing professional art. She found herself drawn to every minute opportunity around her from the early age of 4. Whether it was drawing on traditional ‘tulsi’ pots, helping with illustrations for her siblings’ school projects, creating banners and posters for school festivals; she was the first to be summoned to showcase her skills. But she didn’t understand how it was crucial and relevant in her life until the age of 8 when she watched a documentary on Picasso. This was the turning point that made her aware of the profession of art and artists who were renowned and existed in the large world outside her own. She knew instantly that she wanted to be like one of them. Equipped with this knowledge she explored and learned more from any sources available to her. This led her to sell her first work of art at the early age of 16 in a town where the notion of buying art itself was novel. Some of her favourite artists through the years include Georgia O’Keeffe, Amrita Shergil, Nicholas Roench, Wu Guanzhong and Claude Monet.

Currently based in Singapore her latest inspiration comes from trees as she sees them all around her in the island’s scape; Upasana senses an omnipotent connection to the trees each time she feels inclined to create a work. This connection communicates to her the unique feel, mood, colours, shapes and textures that feature in the work.

The sincere, fluid and unpretentious nature of her works is a reflection of her personality. The mood, depth, meaning and character of the work is left open to the viewer’s interpretations.